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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  July 25, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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say they found the killer of this teenager 12 years ago. the public has every right to know what this monster did to our daughter. takeoff and 13 hours. what you need to know before you write the silver line. >> a picture-perfect saturday but a few changes on the way.
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abc 7 news starts now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is abc seven breaking news. breaking news out of prince george's county where a suspected child predator is in custody thanks to the work of the good samaritan. he approached us a woman and her brother and tried to pull the girl away. that is when a passerby appeared at the right place and the right time. roz plater is live in landover. she spoke with the man tonight. >> this so easily could have turned into a tragedy but we have some good news to report tonight. it had to be to medic for the 12 and eight-year-old but the man who rescued them, is nothing short of a hero tonight. -- it had to be traumatic. let's take a look at the suspected predator under arrest kidnapping.d he is 25-year-old michael jesse
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mclong. she and her brother were waiting to cross landover road. approached saying he was a police officer. he tried to drag her to the back of the shopping center. a good samaritan driving by was on his way to the shopping center on his way to pick up supplies. >> i slowed down. i asked if everything was ok. the little girl said, "no. can you please help me, sir?" i got out of the car and parked and he said he was a police officer. i asked the little girl if she knew him. she said, "no, sir. can you please help me?" i asked him to back away. when i approached, he ran.
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i did not do anything spectacular. involved, i child would have wanted someone to do the same. lee said once he confronted the suspect the kids were able to break free and they reunited with their father. he called 911 and ran across the street chasing a suspect along with an off-duty police officer able to hold him until police from pg carry me came to arrest the suspect. they are investigating the possibility that there could be other victims out there. they want aynonnyone with contact with mclong to call the police. roz plater abc 7 news. militaryraeli announces a 12-hour cease-fire in gaza to start at 8:00 saturday morning. a statement released today says the military will respond if
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terrorists choose to exploit the cease-fire. locate willo continue. john kerry said the shuttle diplomacy is close to producing a more durable cease-fire. we still have some terminology in the context of the framework to work through. >> it has claimed more than 800 lives. for updates. 7 loudoun county police say they found the killer in a decades old cold case. frustration and outrage for the victims family. erica smith was 14 when she was murdered in 2002. family may say her never know who was responsible. richard reeve is live in ashburn tonight. sounds like a complex case. forhat a horrifying ordeal
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the smith family. now they know tonight there is a suspect. problem is police are not releasing his name. >> this christmas tree has remained in place. >> she loved christmas. >> this has been here since 2002. >> it kept me going, kept me fighting. , their daughter was found murdered miles from their home. >> only the perpetrator knew exactly what happened. saideriffs investigators they had located the suspect but that he had committed suicide and was not being identified. there was nothing they could do given that the suspect took his own life. victim here.he the public has every right to
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know what this monster did to our daughter. disappeared july 29, 2002. they believe the killer called her from this payphone with the promise of a summer job. >> my beautiful daughter was stalked. >> 11 days later, her body was found in a shallow grave in now, years later, the smiths are hoping for answers and closure. >> there's no other family that he can hurt. >> she's an angel in our hearts. >> the sheriff's department says because no warrants have been issued, no indictment, they will not release the name. the family says they hope to be with investigators in the next few days and they want to know who the suspect is. live in ashburn, richard reeve, abc 7 news. a decade after the murder of montgomery county teenager, her
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family refuses to give up hope the killer will be caught. family and friends gathered in an aspen hill parking lot tonight where the 15-year-old on julyd badly beaten 25, 1975. she died several days later. people. was filled with doing this for she deserves closure. whoever did this to her needs to be punished. an investigator, a former police officer who went to school with kathy. his facebook page has helped generate new leads and tips in the case. news and the corruption trial of former virginia governor bob mcdonnell land his wife. the associated press reports ken cuccinelli may take the stand. wasces tell ap cuccinelli
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subpoenaed by the defense team. they are accused of accepting 000 in gifts and loans from a former ceo of star scientific. cuccinelli received $18,000 from the same company. the trail begins monday. cleanup resumes at ephonia green -- at association of american t cherrystone campground belfort furniture weather center -- clean up resumes at cherrystone campground. the ef1 killed a couple from new jersey. the camper kept us safe. the amount of people we had in the camper kept us down. on tv, kansas and iowa where they have the big tornadoes, that's what i was picturing in my mind but it was going to lift up and that was it. >> a tornado overturned several
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campers and uprooted dozens of trees. more than 1500 people were at the campground at the time it hit. i hope you took advantage of today's beautiful temperatures. for are not sticking around the weekend. warmer weather is on the way. eileen is here to burst our bubble. >> i hate to have to do it but it feels more like july for the day tomorrow and on sunday. hopefully you had time to enjoy it and even not, another taste of the weather coming next week. current conditions at reagan national, 74 and the dew point is 61. temperatures of already dropped into the 50's and frederick avenue montgomery county. we are in for a hot and humid weekend. big-time cooldown is expected next week. more on that from the belfort furniture weather center in just a bit. >> not to the immigration
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crisis. president obama met with several central american leaders and the white house. the influx of unaccompanied minors crossing the u.s.-mexico border dominated the meeting. the president will deal leaders guatemala, el salvador, and honduras that the children would eventually be set back. -- sent back. >> we are also a nation of laws. disorderly and a dangerous process of migration, it not only puts the children themselves at risk but a call to question the legal immigration process. in >> the white house has asked for nearly 4 billion dollars from congress to help with the crisis. house republicans are debating a smaller measure that would include national guard troops. hasy years in the making finally been coming tomorrow as metro opens the silver line.
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construction started in 2009 and ended with a multibillion-dollar price tag. you can start writing at noon tomorrow. has your full guide to the silver white. for live coverage of the big opening event tomorrow, tune into our sister station, news channel 8. arrived at reagan national this afternoon on the trip of a lifetime. that's saying something given the life that lucy coffey has led. 108, she is the oldest female world war ii veteran. on her flight arranged for her to visit the memorial, the national mall, and tour the white house. >> we've been planning this for about a week now. she will finally get to see the memorial after 70 years. brooffey earned two nze stars. on her flight gives chances for
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veterans to visit memorials dedicated to their service. the scourging news for the millions targeted by the target security breach. how their information got into the wrong hands again. >> woody allen
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11 on your side. >> new information about the largest wildfire in washington state history. holmes, twice as many as first reported, have burned to the ground. the number went off as crews reached areas of previously cut off to them. looks like aarea known state, nothing left. a
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7 is on your side with the breach from target. the company that was supposed to monitor target credit reports had its own data leak. experian unknowingly sold the data to a crook in vietnam. he posed as a private investigator more than a year ago. a spokesman calls it an unfortunate and isolated issue. newest movie, his 50 f, opens this -- his 50th, opens this weekend. arch campbell has his review of "magic in the moonlight." >> are they cumulus clouds or cirrus? >> he keeps it light. debunkirth is hired to
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emma stone. set on the riviera and the 1920's, "mac in the moonlight" is worth three stars, a great time for woody allen fans. weekend best, "boyhood," "plante of the apes," and "begin again." i'm arch campbell, abc 7 entertainment. his way todin is on new york city to be on "good morning america" saturday and sunday this morning. tune in saturday at 7:00 a.m. and sunday at 8:00 a.m. to he can give you and the rest of the country your weekend forecast. we are still lucky to have eileen here with us. we hope steve has a good time, but welcome. >> happy to be able to deliver a good weekend forecast. it's just going to be more like july. beautiful today and hopefully
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you had time to get out and enjoy crystal clear skies. weatherbug camera from annapolis, just spectacular. temperatures really comfortable. , 67.igh and waldorf this morning, dropping down to 56 at lincoln elementary school in lincoln, virginia, currently at 66. relatively mild tonight. 85 degrees the high today at reagan national. it little bit low average of 88. 66 gaithersburg, 64 in frederick. temperatures relatively comfortable, but you may start to notice a little bit humidity which will be on the rise overnight tonight and that is one reason why temperatures will not fall all that much. mid in quantico and fredericksburg. humidity lifting and from the south as it moves further
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offshore bringing to tap into the heat and humidity to the south and that is where we will be tomorrow back into the 90's. we also have to keep a close eye on this cold front. this will bring the severe weather threat and i will show you this in the futurecast going through the day. partially cloudy skies. hazy, hot humid. and isolated storm cannot be ruled out late tomorrow, but definitely a greater risk for storms come late sunday as the cold front get a little closer towards us. i think probably after three or 4:00, that is when storms will likely fill radar. large hail and possibly damaging wind. if you're going to be out and about, make sure you have our weather apps that is free and provide you with live super doppler. overnight in the 60's. 87-92. keep denied to the sky for maybe
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a scattered storm. slideld front will through and monday will be kind of hot and humid. a few storms possible but by midweek, if you like today's weather, pretty much the same albeit a little cooler. low 80's tuesday, wednesday. not just in the city, but in the suburbs dipping down into the 50's. we will be ending july on a cooler than average note. it should be quite lovely. >> the leaves are going to be following soon. >> not yet. we still have to get through august. >> the week and still talk about football. >> and rg iii. looking for some revenge today. shows he can still do it all.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local toyota dealers. redskins offense undated about training camp, the defense got the best of them. he got his guys together and said we need to get after them and today they did. at the end of the day, he was happy. >> what we talked about yesterday translated to the field for the entire offense. we've had a good day today as well. the offense is more heavily scrutinized. we need to be more crisp, not that the defense doesn't. everyone is anxious to see if they will be able to turn things around from that absolutely horrible 2013 campaign. ryan clark knows that the team will only be as good as the defensive unit. >> defense is important.
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you can score all the points in the world but if you cannot keep people out of the paint, you cannot win games. those are the things we're working on and putting an emphasis on. right now, if you make yourself hard to score on, it'll make the game. >> they are at it again tomorrow in richmond. the nats in cincinnati tonight getting on the board in the top of the fourth. walters will get that ball down for extra bases. he comes around and scores. in the sixth, adam laroche -- boom. base hit the center field. making it 4-1. nats holding on to win it 4-1. seattle going on right now, king felix fernandez
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on the mound for the mariners. say goodbye to that based all. number 29 of the season for nelson cruz. the dash top of the fifth right now and it is 1-0 o's. the tulsas welcoming team. to a 74-76washington win. haveoks like the lakers finally gotten the head coach. they are offering former showtime laker guard byron scott the job. that's it for sports. ladies. >> gentlemen. visitors to a beach in south carolina got a little more than
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>> the corruption trial for former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife starts monday. at the top trending story tonight on police all the mystery of porcelain dolls that appeared on porches in california. you can read all of the stories in the forecast now on surprise to beachgoers on sullivan's island in south carolina. a wild pig was seen wading through the waves this
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afternoon. not clear where he came from. people on the beach called the police who were able to capture the little guy. there he goes. believe it or not, he's not the first odd site on the country beach. last month, people spotted a 14-foot alligator. maybe the pig was trying to get away.
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>> a great weekend in store. hotter andy-like, more humid than today. if you like today's weather, we have more of that come midweek next week. hot, and humid. possible scattered storms late sunday as a front approaches. cooler and drier for the middle of next week. >> great things to look
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